Curriculum Overviews

English Track Middle School – Our program focuses on student needs in a Western-focused educational setting. One of the reasons for this is to prepare them to study abroad. Students build a solid academic foundation each week in their core classes (Math, English Language Arts, Science, History, and Chinese). They are challenged further through our electives program, which offers courses such as Chinese Culture (required), Photography, Speech, Journalism and Theater Arts.
While we value each student’s academic success, our goal is to foster the whole child and ignite personal growth. We believe a holistic, character-focused education will serve the child best in all areas of life, academics included.

Outcome Expectations – By the time students leave our program, we hope they have become responsible, global citizens marked by integrity and excellence in every aspect of their lives. Besides gaining academic skills, such as note-taking and time-management, they should also have developed their critical thinking skills, and a sense of curiosity toward life and the world.

Common Core Standards – We expect that all of our students will study abroad at some point, so we follow American Common Core Standards. We also assess students using the NWEA MAP test, which is conducted biannually. Our students complete the MAP tests for reading, language usage, and math so that the school can note their progress and better serve them as they move through our program.

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