Middle School Student Spotlight

E-6 History Shows Off Their GRAPES Knowledge!

Our grade 6 students recently studied the core attributes that make up a civilization in history class. In doing so, they had to work in small teams to create their very own imaginary civilization using the real-life key components as their guide. For their final project, the students put together travel videos to highlight the amazing culture they created! 

Maka-Baka: This awesome travel video comes courtesy of the amazing women who run Maka-Baka. A civilization set up on Pluto where they both eat and worship rocks! What a creative way to showcase their learning 🙂

Auroria: What a gorgeous travel video created and edited together by Minnie and Cellestine. These two lovely ladies are the founders of Auroria, which they created to exist as a tourist and backpacking paradise located in Northern Iceland.
Purr-fect Cats: Have you ever wanted to travel to another universe? Do you like cats? We have the purr-fect place for you! Located on Planet Star Kittens, this meowtopia, created by Dora, Vanesse, and Sissi, welcomes all people! Take a look at their travel video and see if it could be your next holiday vacation!
Chukapi.mp4: Here is the outstanding travel video for a civilization named is Chukapi. It was created by Noah, Mike, and Henry, and as you can see, the students recreated their world using technology! What an incredibly talented group! 

YouKu Uploads Available Below

E-6 History Class Learns all about Mummies!

As the school year starts back up, we remember the fact that there are dozens of mummies buried inside the history classroom! SMIC E-6 students loved this project even though they didn’t get to excavate the mummies upon returning to campus. Check out the photos below to see how students learned the mummification process all while becoming experts on Ancient Egypt!