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New Student Enrollment Guide

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Beijing SMIC School!

In order to facilitate your registration procedure, please get the following documents well prepared in advance. Please be noted that the documents required by our healthy room may take a certain period, so please prepare accordingly.

Procedures: draw the checking list from Admissions Office. Follow the instructions as below: Step 1 Healthy Room -> Step 2 General Affairs Room ->  Step 3 Financial Room -> Step 4 Students’ information Registration -> Enrollment Completed


Healthy Room

1.    Entrance health checkup certificate, Please refer to the appendix 1《New student entrance health checkup》

2.    Original Certificate of Vaccination, please refer to the appendix 2《Vaccination Document》and the appendix3《Beijing Immunization Program》

3.    The requirement and preparation for Beijing city basic medical insurance (for student)and Student Liability Insurance, please refer to the appendix 4《北京市学生儿童基本医疗保险 (一老一小)》(only applicable for Chinese citizen),appendix 5《参保一老一小保险的个人信息登记表》 (only applicable for Chinese citizen)and the appendix 6《New Student Insurance 2016-2017》

4.    1 copy of 1 inch photo with white background(If purchase Beijing city basic medical insurance for student first time, please prepare 2 more copies of 1 inch photo with white background)

5.    Fill out the health status form, please refer to the appendix 7《Beijing SMIC Private School Medical History Sheet》


General Affairs Office

1.  Purchase the school uniforms by cash on the day of registration (around RMB 300-400)

2.  Lunch/snack reservation

3.  There will be a school shuttle bus company to go through the shuttle bus application procedure on the day of registration.


Financial Office

1.    There should be an account (deposit card or bank book) of China Construction Bank opened in the parent or the student’s name with the pre-deposit fee.

For Chinese Track elementary school regular class , the pre-deposit fee is RMB 23,000;

For Chinese Track elementary school ELA class, the pre-deposit fee is RMB 32,000;

For English Track elementary school, the pre-deposit fee is RMB 46,000;

For Chinese Track middle school regular class, the pre-deposit fee is RMB 28,000;

For Chinese Track middle school ELA class, the pre-deposit fee is RMB 35,000;

(Since there will be some optional items, the pre-deposit fee for each student may be different. A copy of payment schedule will be issued to you by our financial personnel when you go through the registration procedures.)

Noted: SMIC employees do not need to prepare this.

2.  A copy of ID card (both sides) of the bank account holder or a copy of Household Booklet (the page of the account holder) should be provided.

Noted: SMIC employees do not need to prepare this.


Students’ Information Registration

1.    Firstly, please hand in the signed school-age population information collection form by the student’s guardian to our Admissions Office.  Secondly, parents need to go through the collection and review process in the Beijing primary school service system. (Applicable to new primary school student only)

2.    Beijing Middle School Enrollment Card (to be provided by the former school) (Applicable to new middle school student only)

3.    For foreign passport holders who already has a xueji (student’s national status registration), please drawElementary and Middle School Students Transfer Contact Form (《中小学学生转学联系表》)in quadruplicate from the student’s current school. Please go to his/her school and the Board of Education for stamps and hand them to our admissions office. For foreign passport holders who doesn’t have a xueji, we will generate one at our side for him/her.(Applicable to transfer student only)

4.     A copy of the student's household booklet page(including the first page of the household booklet and the page of the student on the same side of A4 paper)or a copy of the passport (Applicable to foreign students only)

5.    Two recent one-inch bareheaded color photos with white background (Please indicate the student’s name on the back of photos)

6.    One copy of student's Visa and Accommodation Registration Form (Applicable to foreign students only) 

7.     Appendix 7 《Student Information Form》Please download, fill in and print out the Form, which should be signed by parent and student in person.

Please make sure the above information is carefully read and related documents well prepared.