Living in Yizhuang

Living in Yizhuang is getting easier every year as well. Whether, cycling, driving, taking bus or subway, Yizhuang is less congested and easy to get around.  Two new shopping plaza's have opened nearby, Lippo Plaza and Creative Life Plaza (with Sam's club).  McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and a half dozen pizza restaurants serve Western food nearby.  On weekends teachers fellowship in each other's homes or attend the nearby church, the subway and express buses reach the downtown expatriate fellowships and districts (CBD, Sanlitun) in less than 1 hour.  Yizhuang has many square miles of parks, lakes, rivers and natural areas to enjoy, and Decathlon has all the sports equipment you need to enjoy them.  There are many volunteer opportunities nearby as well, including New Day Foster Home and Shepherd's Field Children's Home within a short drive.

High school Tel: 67853030 Ext. 7777
Elementary & Middle School Tel: 67853030 Ext. 2108/3155
Email: Address: No. 9 Liang Shui He 2nd Street, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing 100176