Air Quality Emergency Plan


Unfortunately, Smog is a part of life in China.  SMIC Private School takes our students health seriously, and has invested much time and resources in protecting their environment.  To do so:

1.  Smoking is strictly prohibited on or near campus

2.  Classrooms, offices, and PE spaces are equipped with Dream Maker positive pressure Air purifiers, which take air directly from outside, purify it, and blows clean air into classrooms. We regularly check air quality in classrooms with handhold particulate

3.  A Yellow bar indicates all morning exercises and scheduled PE classes are held in classrooms, Air purifiers are running on high, and windows and doors throughout the campus are strictly prohibited from being left open.  A yellow alert will be posted on the website frontpage.

4. An Orange bar indicates that students will not be allowed outside for recess and will be supervised in the library and multipurpose rooms. An Orange alert will be posted on the website.

5. A Brown bar indicates that after looking at the aqicn.org website, or hearing the government is considering issuing an orange or red alert, the administration will look carefully at the school calendar, long term AQI forecast, and decisions being made by other schools as we decide whether or not to cancel school.  A brown alert will be posted on the website, parents should be aware they may need to make other arrangements for their children.

6.  If we have decided to cancel school we will immediately notify parents by e-mail, Wechat, and post a red alert on the school website.  Please check the website for more details, as there are three possible scenarios:

    a. School and buses may be completely cancelled, no teachers or students should come

    b. Childcare may be provided, but not scheduled classes, buses may or may not be provided

    c. We may have scheduled classes and buses, but inform teachers not to teach new content but rather focus on review and homework, students will not be considered absent and it will not be considered a schoolday on students transcripts.

High school Tel: 67853030 Ext. 7777
Elementary & Middle School Tel: 67853030 Ext. 2108/3155
Email: etoffice@bjsmicschool.com Address: No. 9 Liang Shui He 2nd Street, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing 100176