1st Grade Expectations

When assessing out first grade we are assessing and observing more than just their academics. We also look at behavior, English ability, and parent support. All of these factors play into the ideal candidate. When looking at academics, a first grader entering English track should be able to do the following:

1. Identify all letters and their sounds

2. Count to 20 and Identify up to 10

3. Proficiency in at least 200 sight words up to Level 2 Dolch/Fry

4. Ability to write and recognize their name

5. Decode, segment, and blend a CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word- this means sounding out the letters, breaking the word apart to  figure out the sounds, and then blending the sounds back together to figure out the word.


1. Ability to follow directions when they are given

2. Ability to work well with peers (no fighting, able to share, kind to others)

3. Ability to cope well in a variety of social situations (not crying, shutting down with no response, losing control, become aggressive)

4. Independence in going to the bathroom, use class materials, and ask question or notify teacher of a problem

English ability

1. Students should be able to understand basic conversational English words

2. Students should be able to communicate their issues, concerns or questions independently

3. Ability to understand basic teacher directions like sit down, stand, line up, quiet please, do you understand

Parental Support

1. Someone at home should be proficient enough in English to assist the student with homework if the student has questions

2. Communication with teacher

3. Ability to monitor student to ensure completion of school tasks

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