Chinese Track Opportunities

The Elementary and Middle school classes in SMIC Chinese Track (CT) cover grades 1-9. SMIC students have a higher level of English proficiency than most Chinese schools. Students are taught all their classes in Chinese except for two classes each day in English. Starting in 2015, we piloted a new English Language Arts program that we are continuing to develop and so SMIC Chinese Track has two English programs.

Our standard English program is a cooperation between a local Chinese teacher and a foreign teacher.   The local teachers will have one daily lesson focused on the technical aspects of the language, such as spelling and grammar while the foreign teacher will have one daily lesson emphasizing the oral side of the language. Students are encouraged to express themselves using the language they have been taught.

Our newest English Program, the ELA program, has a different approach and a different purpose.   Students in our ELA program are often preparing to go abroad.   With this focus in mind, both English classes are taught by the foreign teacher and are based on American curriculums.   Teachers are expected to cover all competencies, reading, writing, speaking and listening, and use a variety of methods to enhance learning.

We currently have openings for both elementary and middle school English teachers. These openings may be for either ELA, oral English, or a combination of both positions. A flexible, energetic personality, love for children, and good classroom management skills are a must and teaching experience and certification is preferred. Teachers in either program will be responsible for lesson planning, daily homework assignments, quarterly mid-term and final exams, parental communications, and so on. Curriculum is provided and there are many supplementary resources and colleagues available to assist our staff.

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▶   Chinese Track elementary school English Language Art Teacher

▶   Chinese Track middle school Elementary English Language Art Teacher

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