Working At SMIC School

Class Sizes

In our English Track elementary and middle school division, teachers work with up to 25 students in each class.

Report Dates: February and August of the year.

Work Hours

Elementary/Middle School Session: Monday through Friday, 7:45 am - 3:00 pm.

The work day ends at 4:30pm.

Occasional government-mandated weekend work days.

Duration of the Contract

Two years contract on a renewable basis

Employment Age

Due to governmental work visa restrictions, employees at the time of hire cannot be 60 years of age or older.

Minimum Qualifications

Teachers must have a bachelor degree in teaching, education or English (or in a related subject area) and teaching license.

Three years of full-time teaching experience in a regular school is preferred.

Passport from an English-speaking country.

Job descriptions list specific skills' and qualifications' requirements for each position.

High school Tel: 67853030 Ext. 7777
Elementary & Middle School Tel: 67853030 Ext. 2108/3155
Email: Address: No. 9 Liang Shui He 2nd Street, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing 100176