Application Process
The acceptance result will be notified via Admissions System
Take the entrance test and student/parent interview
Complete the health check and admission procedures
Step 1: Application

Apply for Elementary Grade 1

●   Log in our school's  Admission System and complete online application

●  Download the application form, fill out, save and upload to the system

1. Please apply online based on students' first choice. Please indicate students' second choice if he/she has any.

2. The acceptance result will be considered upon students' first choice.

3. All the application materials should be provided in English.

Transfer Student Application

●  Log in our school's  Admission System and complete online application

●   Application form (only for outside student) or Application form for track transfer within our school (from Chinese Track to English Track)

●  Report cards for past 2 years

●  Evaluation Letter from homeroom or English teacher

●  Student’s Personal Statement (in/above the 4th Grade)

Step 2: Test

For Grade 1 Candidates

*  Student interview: 40 minutes

*  Parent interview: 20 minutes

For Transfer Students

*  The entrance test for transfer students could be in May and December each year

*  Reading/Math (E2-E5)

* Reading/Math/Listening/Speaking/Writing (E6-E8)

*  The students who pass the above paper test could be arranged to take the interview

Step 3: Acceptance

The acceptance result will be notified via admissions system and text messages.

Check the Admissions System for your admissions status.

Step 4: Enrollment

Admission Office

Draw the registration form and then go to other related departments to complete the admission procedures

Health Room

Physical check report, healthy records, vaccine certificate, safe students comprehensive insurance if needed,1 ID photo of 1 inch white background

Financial Department

Open an account of construction bank, and deposit enough money for tuition fee and other fees

Xue ji Management

*   Students basic information form: download from web and print it and then fill out it

*  Hard copy of Hukou or passport

*  Photos: 2 ID photo of 1 inch white background

*  Certificate for transfer students

General Affairs

* Fill out the transfer request form if you need the school bus.

* Follow the instructions here ET New Online Uniform Purchase Procedure to order students uniform according to the size reference and pay via Wechat.

* Check ET Uniform Online Purchase Website if you like to order ET uniform.  

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Elementary & Middle School Tel: 67853030 Ext. 2108/3155
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